DAVIS Plastic Ambassador Program

We are looking for riders to represent our brand!

If chosen DAVIS will work with you on product sizing and provide:
• Two pairs of bell boots (any size from mini to draft or no-turns)
• Two pairs of splint boots or one medicine boot
• Personalized promo code you can share with friends
• They save 15% on their purchase
• Each time the code is redeemed you earn $10 off your next DAVIS purchase!

In exchange for free product, we ask for:
• One Instagram post per month of 2023 per product received
• Example: Two pairs of bell boots = two posts per month
• Mention DAVIS product in text and tag DAVIS
• One written testimonial on your opinion on DAVIS products you use
• No competitor’s products allowed in photos
• Instagram account must be public

Please be sure to also complete our Media Release Form!


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